When it comes to roofing companies in Raleigh, NC, Housetop Roofing can’t be beat. We make sure that your roof is done right by hand nailing all of the shingles, only using in-house employees, and having a foreman on site. We don’t stop there with our quality work: We also offer a number of home improvement services, where we provide the same quality service.

April showers bring…May roof leaks?! The spring season is full of beautiful sunshine and spring showers. All of that extra rain can really take a toll on your roof, and a leak that may have been developing can come out in full force after a few good storms. Sometimes the leak is obvious, but sometimes it’s harder to spot. Here are some signs to help you know when you have a roof leak:

  • If you notice any stains on your ceiling, especially ones that look like brown puddles, you probably have a roof leak.
  • One surefire sign of a leak is dripping water or puddles appearing in your room. You’ll want to go up to your attic to try to find the origin of the leak.
  • If you see any shingles on your roof that are twisted or warped, you likely have a roof leak.
  • If you notice any mold growth inside or outside of your home, the cause could possibly be a roof leak.
  • If you notice any extra moisture on your interior or exterior walls, then you might have a roof leak.

If you notice any of these signs of a roof leak, be sure to call a roofing professional as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the more extensive the damage could be.

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