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With more and more people becoming environmentally conscious, green roofs are becoming increasingly popular. Green roofs are a great way to both help the planet and add personality to your roof. So, what are green roofs exactly? Green roofs are roofs with a top layer of vegetation added onto a flat or only slightly sloped roof.

In order to create a green roof, several special layers of roofing have to be laid down in order to waterproof your roof and allow any excess water to safely drain from your plants. Once these membranes have been added, you can begin to grow plants on top of your roof. Some people create vegetable and fruit gardens, while others use it as a place to grow small shade trees. 

Green roofs are especially ideal for urban areas where lawns aren’t as common. This allows residents the green space to grow flowers and trees. It also helps to combat the higher air pollution of urban and industrial areas. In addition, where high-rises and apartment buildings are more common in urban areas, there’s an abundance of flat roofs already available to create green roofs.

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