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Dormers 101

Aside from roof shape and roofing material, there are several other ways that you can customize your home’s roof. One of these ways is by adding dormers. Don’t know anything about dormers? That’s okay, we’re here to give you a crash course and teach you all about dormers. 

Dormers are structures that project vertically from a sloped roof and contain windows. Not only do they add personality and variety to your roof, but they can also help bring in additional natural light and more usable space to your upstairs area.

If you want to add extra personality to your home’s exterior and extra space and natural light to your home’s interior, then dormers could be the perfect option for you. Dormers are structures on your roof that extend vertically from your roof, and they usually contain a window.

Dormers for Your Home

Dormers come in a number of shapes and sizes and can be customized to fit your personal style and tastes. The most common type of roof dormer is the gabled dormer, which is a rectangle with an A-shaped peak on top. Some other common dormer shapes include shed, hipped, eyebrow, and segmental dormers.

Dormers are great for upstairs spaces that do not have windows, especially loft and attic areas. They allow natural light into these spaces that wouldn’t usually have them because they are a part of the roof’s structure. Dormers also create extra space in these areas, which can be perfect for an alcove, extra storage, or a bench to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

If you are interested in adding dormers to your home, contact us at Housetop Roofing in Raleigh, NC, and we can give you a free and accurate estimate.