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As children drawing houses, all our roofs had one basic shape: that simple upside-down V. However, if you take a drive through a neighborhood, you will probably see a multitude of roof shapes.

The shape of a roof is typically influenced by the architectural style of a home. Here are some of the more common roof shapes, according to This Old House:

  • Gable roofs are the most common roof shape, and the one you envision on a child’s drawing, with two sloping sides. Gable roofs come in a variety of styles such as the L-shaped gable roof or a curved gable roof.
  • Another style of the gable roof is a false-front gable, which has one or more false gables to add style and interest to the roof.
  • Gambrel roofs are typically associated with Dutch style homes. They have two separate slopes in the roof; the first slope is fairly flat, while the second slope is very steep.
  • Octagon roofs are a unique shape of roof that has eight sides, as its name would imply. This style of roof is typically used to top a round structure.
    Hip roofs have a slope on all four sides of the roof, giving the home a more intricate and complex look.

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