Want to learn more about roofing? At HouseTop Roofing, as roofers in Raleigh, NC, we know that all the terms we use can be a little confusing. We value open and honest communication with our customer, so that’s why we want you to have all the tools you’ll need. With that in mind, here are 16 key vocabulary terms we use, broken down.

  1. Coverage– The amount of weather protection you can get from a particular material. There can be single coverage, double, or triple coverage.
  2. Cricket– A barrier that is built up to change the direction of runoff around the chimney or another area.
  3. Drip Edge- A metal piece that is in the shape of an L. It is put around the perimeter of the house. This stops water dripping behind the Fascia boards.
  4. Eaves– These are parts that go beyond or overhang the face of the wall at the lower edge of the roof.
  5. Exposure– Basically, this is the distance from where one shingle ends and begins. The exposure is the amount “exposed.”
  6. Fasteners– The nails or the screws that keep the roof on and in place.
  7. Flashing– A shiny piece of metal usually put around the edge of the chimney to prevent water from leaking.
  8. Peak– the highest part of your roof. The top.
  9. Penetrations– This describes anything that sticks up out of the roof decking.
  10. Rake– The incline of your roof.
  11. Ridge Vent- The vent that runs along your roof so that air can escape
  12. Sheathing– Also called decking, this is plywood or strand board that is the top of the house. This is what the shingles are nailed to.
  13. Soffits– The underside on the slope of the roof.
  14. Square– the total amount of material you’ll need to cover 100 square feet of the roof.
  15. Transitions– Where the slope of the angle on the roof changes
  16. Valley– the angle or area where the water run based on the intersections of two slopes of your roof.

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