With free and accurate estimates and written guarantees for all workmanship, it’s no wonder that Housetop Roofing in Wake Forest & Raleigh, are North Carolina’s favorite home improvement and roofing contractor. We offer a full complement of top-quality home improvement services with guaranteed craftsmanship that is second to none. At Housetop Roofing, we believe that gutter maintenance doesn’t need to be a chore.

While we love the beauty of the changing leaves, we also know the havoc that these same leaves can wreak on your gutters once they start to fall. That’s why right now is the perfect time for you to have a professional perform routine gutter maintenance on your home. 

When you give Housetop Roofing a call, we will come out to inspect your gutters and check for any signs of damage such as sagging gutters or leaks. That way we can repair anything that we notice and help to prevent any further damage. While we’re there, we can also clean your gutters for you before all of those leaves start to fall and fill them up. This will also help to prevent any damage caused by overloaded gutters. 

Gutter Maintenance Done Right

If you haven’t had your gutters cleaned this year, then you definitely need to have them cleaned before fall is in full swing. When your gutters get too full, they can sag, leak, overflow, or fall. This can damage not only your gutters but your home’s exterior as well, including your roof and your vinyl siding.

Even if you had your gutters cleaned this spring, then you should have them cleaned again after the fall season is over. That way, your gutters will be light and clean before the winter months weigh them down with snow and ice.

If your gutters typically fill up pretty quickly, it might be a good idea to trim the trees close to your home. This helps alleviate some of the yard debris that falls on your roof and ends up in your gutters.

Plan to clean your gutters yourself? Be sure to take safety precautions: Wear closed-toed shoes, place your ladder on level ground, wear gloves, etc. Gutter maintenance can be a pain but it extends the life of your gutters. 

If you notice any signs of damage to your gutters, don’t wait to have them fixed. Damaged gutters can lead to leaks around your home, and this can get costly. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s gutter system, we install state-of-the-art gutter guards and seamless gutters. Call us today for a free and accurate estimate.