If you’re searching for roofing contractors in Raleigh, NC, your search ends with Housetop Roofing. We are a premier roofing contractor that specializes in topnotch roof installation and repairs. At Housetop Roofing we only use in-house employees so that we can guarantee total satisfaction with your new roof. In addition to that, a foreman will be on site to ensure that your roof is done right.

Many of our clients ask us how to know when it’s time to replace their roof. Here are some helpful signs, from Good Housekeeping, to let you know that your roof needs to be replaced:

  • If you’ve had your current roof for more than 20 years, it’s getting close to the time you need to replace your roof. Most roofs last between 20 and 30 years.
  • If you see that your shingles are beginning to curl, you need to start preparing to get a new roof. Curled shingles are a sign of age and could lead to potential leaks or even further damage to your roof and home.
  • Many of your shingles are missing or cracked. If you have just a few missing or cracked shingles, you can easily replace them. However, if a large portion of your roof has these issues, it’s probably time for a new roof.
  • If you notice that your shingles are beginning to lose their granules, a new roof is in your future. The granules on asphalt shingles help to protect shingles from the sun. So, without the majority of their granules, the sun will soon begin the condition of your shingles.
  • If your roof is sagging, you need to call a professional immediately. Failure to do so could lead to serious damage to your home. Often times, sagging roofs are a sign of some deeper structural issue with the home that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

For all of your roofing needs in Raleigh, NC, whether it’s a roofing repair or a roof replacement, contact us at Housetop Roofing.