When it comes to roofing, Housetop Roofing in Raleigh, NC, knows there are a number of options available for the homeowner. In fact, homeowners have multiple colors of shingles to choose from as well as a plethora of roofing materials. When building a house or choosing a floor plan, the shape of the roof is also something to take into account. Below is a brief list of the different types of roof shapes. For a more detailed account visit: This Old Home’s website.

  1.  Gable– the most common shape of roofing, this shape is like an inverted V with two sloping sides that connect at the top of the roof. Gable roofs also have other variations: false-front gables, L-shaped gables, and gambrels.
  2.  Shed– this shape of roof is similar to gable roofs except that they slant in only one direction instead of two. You can think of them as a half-gables.
  3. Curved– this shape of roof isn’t very common in modern housing and was usually seen in periods where builders only had primitive tools which they used to curve branches to shape into a roof.
  4. Octagon– as its name implies, this shape of roof has eight sides. It is often used on round buildings.
  5. Hip– this shape of roof has four slants, one on each side of the house.

If you are considering a new roof, contact us at Housetop Roofing and we will help make this decision-making process smooth and simple.