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Chances are that if you drive around most anywhere at night this time of year, you will notice Christmas lights shining bright from homes. Apart from Christmas lights, wreaths, garland, and inflatable decorations are also festive ways to liven up your yard this season.

All of these decorations are great, but putting them up can be a pain, and even unsafe. So, this holiday season, don’t find yourself hanging from the roof like Clark Griswold. Follow this safety tips from Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) instead:

  • Before you drag those extension cords outside, make sure that they are made to be used outdoors.
  • Keep your extension cords and lights are kept away from snow and water.
  • Make sure that none of your cords or lights are damaged or frayed before you install them.
  • If you plan on hanging any decorations from your roof or other high places in your home, make sure that you use a reliable ladder in working order that is tall enough.
  • If you use spotlights to illuminate your decorations, make sure that they protected from the elements and a safe distance from any flammable objects.

Get out there and hang those sparkling lights from the roof! Put a colorful wreath on your doors. Fill your yard with cheerful Christmas characters. Just be sure to be safe out there.

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