Housetop Roofing is one of Raleigh, NC’s premier roofing contractors. Along with roof installation and repairs, we also provide a wide variety of home improvement services. Among these services is deck building. Here are a few ideas to help us make your dream deck:

  • One option to make your deck stand out is to layer it. You can have two levels to your deck, with steps leading from the upper level to the lower level. This will not only give you extra space, it will give your deck character.
  • You can add an architectural showpiece such as a pergola to your deck for some additional shade from the hot sun as well as a touch of extra character.
  • For a unique look, you can go with a curved deck instead of the traditional straight edges. It can be more complicated to build than most desks, but the end result is worth it.
  • Add warm lighting by installing lights on the tops of your deck’s posts.
  • If you have a sloped backyard, an elevated deck is a great option for you that can help your deck to stand out.

For all of your deck building needs, contact us at Housetop Roofing. For more ideas to make your deck unique, visit this article by Better Homes and Gardens.