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Although a roof may look like a simple structure from a distance, it is actually a complex and important part of your home. Here are the various parts of a roof:

Roofs are a layer of decking, underlay membrane, and shingles. The decking is a plywood layer that reinforces the roof and provides a nail bed for the shingles. The underlay membrane is a coating of felt and asphalt that protects both the shingles and the wood decking. Then, of course, you have the shingles on top of these layers.

There are also multiple roof components on the surface of the roof such as flashing and vents. Flashing is made of steel, aluminum, plastic. Flashing is also referred to as joint covers and covers areas where the roof meets at angles, as well as around the fireplace. Vents help to ventilate the attic and the plumbing.

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