When it comes to roofing contractors in Raleigh, NC, Housetop Roofing can’t be beat. We make sure that your roof is done right by hand nailing all of the shingles, only using in-house employees, and having a foreman on site. We don’t stop there with our quality work: We also offer a number of home improvement services, where we provide the same quality service.

With summer here, North Carolina is sure to see some thunderstorms in the coming months. With these storms, some people experience roof leaks, sagging gutters, or missing/loose shingles. If you notice any of these issues with your roof, be sure to give us a call at Housetop Roofing. But, what about if lightning strikes? It’s rare, but it does happen.

Often when lightning strikes around your home, it hits a tree. If this happens, and you wake up with a tree sitting on your roof, be sure to give us a call right away. Don’t try to move the tree yourself. Instead, wait for professionals to do that for you. We can fix any roofing or gutter damage that fallen trees might cause to your home, and we’ll get your home as good as new in no time.

If lightning strikes your home itself, it could cause electrical and/or fire damage. When lightning strikes your home, it often travels through the wiring and pipes in your home. That’s why it’s important to not take a shower, bath, or use wired appliances during a thunderstorm. It’s also important to check to see if the lightning has started any fires in your home. So, call the fire department immediately if lightning strikes your home.

If the summer storms cause any damage to your home, be sure to give us a call at Housetop Roofing in Raleigh, NC.