If you’ve lived in North Carolina for any amount of time, you’re aware that every spring, a thick yellow cloud of pollen descends over the entire state, settling on every nook and cranny in sight. You might have noticed the pollen on your roof, or perhaps you’ve seen some stains starting to form up there, and you’re wondering how exactly you should go about cleaning your roof.

Many roofs get stains over time, and this is often from algae growth. Not only are these stains unsightly, certain stains can also be a sign of a bigger problem that can lead to more serious damage over time if left unchecked.

Cleaning your roof is tricky business, and we suggest that you have your roofing contractor do it for you. Not only is it a safety risk to be climbing around on your roof with cleaning supplies, but it also takes special measures to clean your roof in the right way without damaging it.

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that you should NOT pressure wash it. The strong streams of water from pressure washing can remove the small granules on your shingles, and these granules work to protect your shingles and your roof from the elements. In addition, pressure washing can loosen and/or remove shingles altogether.

Soft washing, which is a cleaning method that uses low pressure washing, is a safer alternative to pressure washing. You can contact a pressure washing professional or a roofing contractor to ask them about soft washing.

Asphalt shingle roofs can also be cleaned with a good ol’ garden hose and a spray nozzle. You can also find cleaning products made especially for your roof. Be sure not to use household cleaning products, as they may contain chemicals that could harm your roof. Again, if you choose to clean your roof on your own, you need to do so with caution and only if you have prior experience working on your roof, as it can be very risky. 

If you have a metal roof, you can clean it with your garden hose, some mild soap and water, and a cleaning brush. If you have tougher stains that need something stronger than soap and water to be removed, we recommend that you reach out to a roofing professional to ask for their expertise. Like asphalt shingles, we also recommend that you do NOT pressure wash your metal roof.

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