Vinyl Siding Repair

While vinyl siding is extremely durable, sometimes it does get damaged. Whether it’s from severe weather, or just wear and tear over time, Housetop Roofing can help you with any of your vinyl siding repair needs.

As soon as you notice any signs of damage on your vinyl siding, including loose siding, missing siding, or cracked siding, be sure to give us a call to come out and repair it. Waiting to repair your vinyl siding can lead to more extensive damage and costlier repairs. That’s why it’s important to be proactive.

If it’s time for new vinyl siding, we can help you with that as well, as we specialize in vinyl siding installation. Just give us a call at Housetop Roofing in Raleigh, NC and Wake Forest, NC.

Repairing Cracks and Chips in Vinyl Siding

If you notice a small crack, hole, or chip in your vinyl siding, you can often fix it on your own. It’s important to fix this damage, even if it seems small, as soon as you notice it in order to prevent the damage from spreading.

For smaller holes and cracks in your vinyl siding, you can use caulk to fill the damaged space. Once it’s dry you can sand it and then paint over it if the caulk doesn’t already match your vinyl siding color.

For larger holes, you can use a spare piece of vinyl siding or a scrap to cover the hole. Use caulk to attach the piece to the hole.

For more extensive damage to your vinyl siding, it’s a good idea to call a siding professional to repair the damage for you.