Our Services

With free and accurate estimates and written guarantees for all workmanship it’s no wonder that Housetop Roofing is North Carolina’s favorite home improvement company. We offer a full complement of top quality home improvement services with guaranteed craftsmanship second to none.


Some of our services include:

Roof Replacements: Nobody does roofs like Housetop Roofing. We specialize in all kinds of custom roof jobs. Flat roofs? Low pitch roofs? Build-up roofs? Housetop Roofing does it all.

Roof Repairs: We will help you protect your home investment by repairing any kind of damage including blown shingles, leaks, overhang problems, flashing problems, or anything else to keep your roof functional and looking good.

Vinyl Siding: Vinyl siding is a great way to keep your home protected from the elements and looking good at the same time. Housetop Roofing is Raleigh’s best when it comes to installing vinyl siding.

All Types of Siding Repairs: You read that right. We repair all different types of siding on all different types of houses for all different types of customers!

Replacement Windows: Whether junior had an accident practicing his pitching or you just want to increase the natural light levels in your home, Housetop Roofing does window replacements better than anyone in North Carolina.

All types of masonite and hardy plank siding repairs

Any type of carpentry work such as but not limited to:
Trim work, decks, fascia, corner boards, dormer, screen-in porches, addition and pre-fab chimney work

Installation of Fans & Vents

Installation of New Seamless Gutters & Downspouts: We offer a variety of colors to match your home’s color scheme.

Installation of Gutter Guards: We have a variety of brands we work with to give our customers choices in selecting the best product for their specific homes.

Replace Existing Damaged Gutters

Cleaning Out Gutters

Additionally Housetop Roofing does all types of home improvements in Raleigh NC & Wake Forest NC, including but not limited to additions, installation of skylights, glass doors, French doors, floor replacement, decks, glass enclosed rooms, etc. If you don’t see the service you need on this list, give us a call. Chances are we have the experience and expertise to give you the home improvement service of your dreams. Call Housetop Roofing today for a competitive estimate on your next home improvement project.

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